100 Years Ago A Train Stopped at Adlestrop Station

Adlestrop Station – The Paddington – Worcester Express Passing Through

On 23rd June 1914 The express train from Padington stopped briefly at Adlestrop Railway Station.  It was about 11:50 and the poet Edward Thomas observed the scene around him and made a few notes.  One of Britain’s favourite poems was born.  100 years later the Village of Adlestrop celebrates the aniversary.  Robert Hardy very kindly agreed to read the Poem in front of the Adlestrop railway sign – the only remaining part of the old station.

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At around 11:30 the villagers gathered on the patio of Adlestrop House to watch the special aniversary train stop close to the site of the old station.  For the benefit of those gathered, Stuart Dewar read the address and poem that was being read out on the train.

It was a very special moment with weather condtions and wildlife sounds that perfectly reflected the words of Edward Thomas’s Poem.

Here are a couple of YouTube videos that capture the event from the bridge and on the train.